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Estate Planning in Marietta, GA

Estate Planning in Marietta, GA

Let Zuniga Law Group help you put your personal and financial affairs in order through thoughtful preparation for the distribution and management of your estate through the use of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, insurance, advance directives for health care, and other arrangements.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can be used for the transition of wealth, and you need an attorney well versed in estate law to manage your estate and wealth. Together we'll establish a plan for an orderly transfer of your estate according to your wishes that is both effective and tax efficient. Part of our services in estate planning in Marietta, GA, is to help people understand the probate process and identify assets that would transfer through probate or outside of probate.

The trust work Zuniga Law Group brings to your portfolio is very much focused on being able to manage your assets in a manner that conforms to your wishes and instructions after you have passed away. We identify insurance needs, whether it is life insurance or long-term care insurance, and can create a trust to own the insurance policy. We want you to be informed and in charge of making the decision. Let us empower you to make these choices so a court won't make them for you.

We can also help establish a trust for your minor children either through a testamentary trust written into your will or through separate trust instrument. A power of attorney and advance directive for health care is necessary and essential components of your estate plan, which are used in an unfortunate circumstance where you are unable to make your own financial or health care decisions.